All products delivered by API, ftp, email, or through website portal access.

Our team prides itself on comprehensive vetting and supplying clients with data from strictly legitimate sources. Our trusted methodology employs deep due diligence on projects and sources to ensure only legitimate data is captured. Our data science team filters, cleanses and manipulates raw data to the client’s desired end-state, so your team can focus on ingesting and analyzing the best data available. 

End of Period / Daily / Intra-Day Pricing

Pricing data delivered based on client-specific needs. Auditors periodically review our methodology to ensure it exceeds accepted standards. This methodology can be adjusted for clients on a bespoke basis.

Crypto Events Calendar

An extensively researched listing of upcoming catalytic events in the crypto, including Hard & Soft Forks, Airdrops, Mainnet Launches, Token Sales, Token Dividends, Mining & Staking Rewards, and Vesting Milestones

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